Golf Techniques For Beginners: A Complete Tutorial

Golf is not the easiest game for beginners. It can be very humbling to not be able to get the ball off the ground. Golf has a steep learning curve and it takes a while for you to get good. But there are a few techniques you can apply to speed up your rate of progress. In this article, you will learn the fundamentals of getting good at golf when starting from the bottom.

  1. Get the right clubs for you
  2. I said the right clubs for YOU, not the clubs that Tiger Woods plays or the clubs that are on sale at the pro shop. I mean clubs that are the right length for you and the right weight for you. Instead of fighting an uphill battle with golf, you will be swimming upstream and the game will be so much easier when you have clubs that are fitted for you like a custom suit.

  3. "Choke down" on your irons
  4. "Choking down" means moving your hands down the grip of the club. This will make the club so much easier to control especially as you get closer to the green. Some professionals such as Sir Nick Faldo almost have their right hand on the steel shaft of the club because they grip down so far on their chip shots.

  5. Good contact is more important that distance
  6. All beginner golfers get carried away with power and want to smash the cover off the ball. You will enjoy the game much more when you swing "lazy daisy" and make clean contact. If you want to turn on the power, as you get better, you can, but in the early stages there is not need to aim for the 300-yard sign.

  7. Put a line on your golf ball and line it up when you putt
  8. To help you with your aim on the putting green, draw a line on your golf ball along the name of the ball manufacturer. Then when you place your ball on the green, you can point the line toward the hole and roll the putt towards the target.

  9. Don't think too much
  10. Overthinking and paralysis by analysis can ruin your golf game. When you approach a putt just decide how the ball will break and hit it - don't read the green from all angles as the pros do. As you walk up to your ball in the fairway, go with your first thought (7-iron maybe). Don't second guess yourself and just hit it. You will play with a more carefree attitude and you will also play better and faster.