Expert Golf Tips: Pulling The Driver Left Without Effort

Golfers can’t avoid hitting the pull shot in perpetuity. It’s a common fault that all golf players make. A right-handed golfer is said to have hit a pull when the ball starts straight but flies to the left of the target. You can avoid this terrible golf mistake by understanding the causes and find a solution to the problem.

Avoid outside-in swing path

Experts’ advice golfers adopt a connected swing. What exactly is a connected swing? Except for a brief period, the triceps stay slightly in contact with the chest of the player. The chest and the arm aren’t in contact during the initial period of the backswing and the final stage of the swing – the follow-through. Playing a connected swing will prevent an outside-in swing plan that results in a pull shot.

The takeaway

The takeaway must be in one quick motion; this is only possible when the shoulders and arms work as one. A one-piece takeaway will keep the club head in the inside-out swing path. Contrary to what’s stated here, if a player swings back the club first then follow it up with shoulder movement, he will forcibly push the club to the top. The downswing from this position will only take an outside-in path that’ll make the ball fly to the left.

Don’t lean towards the target

At the time of the address, the spine must be leaning slightly towards the ball. This is the ideal posture for a golf shot. Maintain the same posture throughout the shot. Furthermore, the right shoulder is supposed to be slightly lower than the left.

Instead of the above-mentioned posture, if the player leans towards the target the result would be a pull. What happens is that due to the hip sway or shoulder movement towards the target the right shoulder goes higher than the left.

Avoid straightening the right knee

One of the most common reasons for a pull shot is the inadvertent straightening of the right leg during the swing. The difference between the above-mentioned errors and this one is that straightening the right leg result in an exaggerated pull. There are two simple tips or drills that can solve this problem. Take every possible measure to ensure the right leg is bent or flexed during the backswing. With your knees, hold a football when you’re addressing the ball. During the downswing, relinquish the hold and move the left knee.