How To Have The Best Golfing Holidays Of Your Life

A golfing holiday can go one of two ways - you either come home refreshed having played your best shots on the sun kissed fairways or you are glad to land back on home soil and vowing to "never go there again" or use that golf travel agent ever again. Using the information in this article can help you avoid a "holiday from hell" and increase your chances of having an experience that will stay with you a lifetime.

  • One stop shop
  • Get a golf holiday provider to take of everything so you can focus on your golf and nothing else. Nothing robs and cheapens your golfing experience more than having your attention distracted by thoughts of how to get back to the hotel after a round or where you are going to eat that night. Remember, enjoying yourself requires you have lots of attention not just lots of time.

  • Make sure the golf is on your doorstep
  • You don't want to have a nasty surprise when you get there and realize that you need a 2-hour bus ride just to get to the first tee. Try to book a course close to your accommodation so that you can roll out of bed, enjoy a breakfast of orange juice, coffee and croissants on the balcony and then stroll over to the first tee.

  • Play at a course that is right for your game/level
  • You are not Rory Mcilroy no matter how much you think you are when you dream at night - don't book all your rounds at the longest, toughest course in Portugal and insist teeing off the championship tees every time. It's good to think big but you want to play on a course where you can reach the par 4's in two shots and be down to your last golf ball on the 12th hole because you hit so many shots in the water.

  • Fill the golfing void
  • Have plenty to do when you are not playing. No matter how much of a golfing nut you are, you will want to get your mind away from the game at times and sitting around the hotel won't do it. You need to have activities that will occupy both your mind and body. That could be anything from swimming, to tennis, to tasting the local wine and going for a long walk along the beach.