Tried And Tested Left Handed Golf Tips For Senior Players

There are a small number of left-handed golf players. Most players are right-handed, which means most advice and tips you come across are written for right hand players. While being left hand can be a little challenging, there are helpful ways to make playing more enjoyable, especially for seniors. Working on your grip, getting the proper clubs, and practicing on and off the green when you can, are all aspects that can help left-handed players. The following tips offer additional insight for left hand senior players to consider.

  • Know the proper grip to establish when holding your iron. Often, left-handers are known to have a weak grip. When you grip your club it should be firm but not too tight or too lose. You may need to experiment and try out different grips to find something you can be comfortable with. It should be your go-to grip when you pick up your club and approach your shot.

  • Play with the right clubs. Find a retailer offering left-handed clubs and don’t settle for clubs not made for your unique needs. Seniors may find it helpful to make a change to clubs that feel more comfortable with the right grip. Try out left-handed clubs in the store. You can practice your grip and swing to get an idea how they feel.

  • Make sure you swing from the correct side of the tee. In other words, if it is not comfortable for you to swing like a right-handed golfer then don’t. In some cases players may hit from the wrong side of the tee. This could throw off your game and even your grip if you are not able to create a smooth swing motion to make solid contact.

  • Get tips on how to swing from an experienced player or professional instructor. Work with an instructor or experienced golfer that is left-handed. They can offer insight on how they developed their skills from a unique perspective. Plus, they are more likely to understand your challenges as a left-handed golfer.

  • Work on how to improve playing on the course. You can do this simply by getting on the green as often as you can and note pitfalls you want to improve. Work on getting more practice as a lefty. You can do points mentioned above and consider golf drills good for left-handed golfers.