Everything You Need To Know About Golf Ball Position

You might know that the position of your golf ball should be changed depending on your golf club. If you are using shorter irons, you can keep the ball in the center of your stance. If you are using a longer golf club, you must keep the ball a little forward in your stance. The reason for keeping the ball at different position is that the shafts of the golf clubs come in different lengths. Therefore, you must adjust the ball position so that every golf club bottoms out at a different position.

The only problem with altering the position of golf ball every time is that you end up guessing it how you should play the ball so that you hit it rock-hard and achieve a consistent distance. For instance, you might hit 130 yards with your 9-iron on a swing. However, you might hit 140 yards on your next shot just because of a little difference in the position of your golf ball.

The better method to ensure you have control distance is that you can keep the ball at the same position despite the kind of club you use. To modify the position of your address to go with the length of your golf club, all you need to do is alter the size of your stance. You need to have longer stance with a longer club. You will find that the right shoulder automatically tilts little lower than your left shoulder as you widen your stance.

Now, the question arises where you should play the golf ball. Draw a pretentious line from the joint of your left shoulder at the address to your golf course. It will give you a low point in the swing. Since you want to hit the ball first, you must play the shot just under the left side of pectoral muscle. Width of the stance will come to you naturally, as you keep the ball at the same spot.

  • Take the appropriate width of your stance and position the club in the middle of your stance, at the right angle.
  • The central location of the ball is ideal for shorter golf clubs- sand wedge, lob wedge, pitching wedge, and gap wedge. It will assist you to hit down on your golf ball and generate more backspin.