Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Golf Driving Setup

The first shot you play – the drive, sets the tone for the rest. You can’t mess up this shot and hope to score a birdie or even a par. You might have a killer swing, but without proper setup, you can’t expect to have a good drive. Players who have trouble with the drive setup have nothing but questions for us. Through this article, we have attempted to answer a couple of frequently asked questions on driving setup.

What are the steps involved in a driver setup?

  • Use the club to find the proper alignment. You can do this by placing the club on the ground and pointing it towards the target.

  • When you assume a drive stance, point the body to the left of the target.

  • You need to keep the feet together. The imaginary line from the feet is the center of the stance. Now, move the left feet and place it under the left shoulder. Then move the right foot the same distance.

  • Next, position the ball slightly forward in the stance. To know more about the ball position and stance, you can refer the next question.

  • Maintain perfect balance by equally distributing the weight between the heel and the toe. Equally important for perfect balance is the spine position. The back must be straight and at all costs try to avoid any spine curvature. Also, slightly push your butt out.

  • The next important point is the shoulder position. Bring the left shoulder and the forearm slight forward.

  • Finally, place the hand slightly behind the ball.

What’s the best setup and where to position the ball?

For the drive shot, golf instructors advise hitting the ball on the upswing, just after the bottom of the arc is reached. To facilitate an upswing strike the ball needs to be placed forward in your stance. Actually, the ball should be in line with the left instep (in the case of the right-handed golfers). This position is preferable if you’re taking a normal shoulder wide stance. But, the stance length varies among golfers. Ball position in line with the left instep might work for you, but not for golfers with a wider stance. Instead of focusing on the instep, position the ball anywhere between the armpit and the T-shirt logo.

The exact ball position depends on the driver club release. Players who release the club early should place the ball near the logo, whereas those who release it late are advised to have the ball near the armpit.