A Surprisingly Easy Golf Technique for Beginners Working on Putting

The simplest action in golf is putting, being the easiest and shortest stroke. Although you have to move a few parts of your body for putting, it can drive golfers crazy. You might not have to make much effort for putting, but it does not mean that your ball will always get into the hole. There only one thing that you must remember while putting- if you give the right speed to your ball and keep it on the right track, your putt shot can never fail even if the ball does not reach the hole.

Set up your stance

Position of address is the most important thing in putting. If you wish to hit the ball slightly on upstroke, you must make sure that you position the golf ball a little outside your left eye or just aligned with it. You can verify this by clutching the putter downwards from the left eye. Then, verify that your left eye aligns with the ball. This will bring the bottom curve of your putter since it will pass your sternum and will start rising when it comes in contact with the golf ball.

In case, you observe that your golf ball is likely to jump off the face of the putter than roll out, it may be because of the incorrect position of the ball.

Length of the stroke

You must have faith in your technique to make sure that your putt shot has appropriate length and is in line when it matters. There is one common problem with the length of the stroke. The span of the backstroke is more than the follow through, which often causes lack of distance control and deceleration. This is a very fundamental error, but it becomes difficult to avoid it when you are under tremendous pressure. You can improve your control by making sure that the backswing remains shorter in length than the follow through.

You can do it by placing the tee on just the outer side of the right foot during the address. Place another tee at the double length of the previous tee just on the outer side of your left foot. Now, hit a few putt shots to ensure that you take your swing upwards to the tees on your way through the backswing. It will give a sense of creating a long follow through and a short backswing, which will assist you to add consistency and control distance.