The Best Way To Find The Right Courses To Play During Your Golf Vacation

Golfing Priorities

For the dedicated golfer, the finding the right course might be the most important part of his or her golfing vacation. They don't care how close the beach is or how many stars the hotel has. Their number one priority is the course and that's why they came on the holiday.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

It's important to consider the other people in your golfing party. Some of the people on vacation with you may want to play on the one course the whole time. They want to play the same course over and over again. That way, they'll get to know it well and get comfortable on a familiar course. Others want to play different courses and get variety. They prefer to play a different course every day and make the most of their vacation.

Play Like The Pros?

What else should you consider when choosing the right course for your vacation? Well, your golfing ability is important. Are you a high handicapper? Are you a category one/ low handicap player? Generally speaking, the better player wants a challenge so he wants to play the championship course. On the other hand, the high handicapper, doesn't want to lose 8 balls in the water hazards every round, he doesn't want to be hacking out of the rough all day and taking five shots to reach a 600-yard par five. The les experienced player wants a course that is suited to his level so he can enjoy his round.

Commuting To The Course

Another thing to consider is the distance of the course from your hotel. Let me tell you: It's a nasty surprise when you get to your destination and you see that the little distance on the map that you measured with your thumb and forefinger is actually two hours in a car.

Course Facilities

Consider the facilities available at the course. For example, if you haven't bought your own clubs with you (the baggage cost can be high on the airlines) then you will need a course that rents clubs. Also, if the course is hilly, make sure they have carts to rent otherwise you will get more exercise that you bargained for. The cart is also a godsend if the weather is hot: you will need to stay in the shade as much as you can.