Golfing Break In Portugal: Visiting The Country For The First Time

If you have never visited Portugal as a golfer, you are in for an amazing time. First and foremost, Portugal is blessed with some of the best weather in Europe, not to mention some stunning courses, each with their own unique layouts and challenges.

No wonder Portugal is one of the top golfing holiday destinations in Europe and not only for people from the continent but from as far afield as the United States as well.

But what can you expect as a first time golfing visitor to Portugal? Let’s take a closer look.


Perhaps the first thing you will notice about Portugal is the incredible weather on offer. In all probability, you will travel during summer. Here temperatures range between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius

Should you visit during winter to take advantage of lower prices, both to get to the country as well as for accommodation and golfing, don’t worry about the weather being too cold. Even in the coldest months, it can hover near 20 degrees Celsius. Of course, there might be a little bit of rain around as well.

When playing on the coastal courses, the wind might also be a factor, but that just adds to the challenge doesn’t it.


Portugal has some of the most stunning courses in the world. Your breath will be taken away by their sheer beauty. In fact, this can often take your mind off the golf as your jaw hits the floor with beautiful sight after beautiful sight, for example, the Pines Cliff 9-hole course set on the cliffs above Albufeira. But beauty is not the only thing you will notice from the courses in Portugal. The sheer variety on offer is amazing. Do you want to play a few links holes? Then Praia, set along the Algarve coastline is perfect. Prefer to play a more undulating course, set in ravines and valleys? Try Boavista near the Monchique Mountains. Portugal really offers such a massive variety, you will surely be impressed.

Fun for everyone!

Of course, you cannot play golf 24/7. Don’t worry, there is much to see and do in Portugal. If you base yourself in Lisbon, the city offers many incredible sites to visit during your downtime, while if you are in the Algarve, visit the wonders of the region, try the incredible local food or take a walk through a traditional fishing village.

And your family will be well catered for as well. Many of the golfing resorts have a range of children’s activities, swimming pools as well as spa’s to keep your family busy while you are out enjoying your round.

No doubt, after your first golfing visit to Portugal you will be planning your next one very soon! And with over 100 courses to play, as well as what the country offers, you will be back again and again.