10 Important Facts About Stay And Play Golf Deals

Stay and play golf deals offer great opportunities for avid golfers to enjoy rounds and great lodging all at one location. The idea is to find a great destination and a golf course that is match for your skills and personal interests. It can be a little overwhelming trying to find the best deal. Here are 10 things to know that can help in understanding options in more detail to find a good deal for your next trip.

  1. Many golf deals make it easy for guests to play golf and enjoy comfortable accommodations all onsite.
  2. A number of complimentary services are included in the cost depending on the facility. Guests can enjoy other onsite games, laundry services and more.
  3. Green fees may include practice on the course and you may have a scheduled time to play on the green during your stay. This may vary from course to course depending on package details and booking.
  4. Compare deals and discounts available as some package providers may offer a better deal for the same destination or point of interest.
  5. Some stay and play deal providers will offer special rates for course use (golf specials). This may depend on how many reservations for tee time are available and whether there are tournaments or group plays scheduled.
  6. Stay and play can include weekend getaways and even one-day and one-night offers. There is stay and play options that offer flexibility when it comes to choosing number or days and nights to stay.
  7. If you are interested in a stay and play deal you can obtain a price quote, review rates and look at sitemap details on the spot. The price quote will give an idea of what you will pay, but it may or may not detail deposit information necessary when booking or other fees.
  8. Stay and play deals are available by price, number of golf rounds, nights available and packages. You can find a deal based on your budget, but you can also filter offers based on personal preference.
  9. You can create your stay and play deal based on number rounds or nights based on your group or whoever is traveling with you. Check with the provider to learn details.
  10. Look for special offers such as membership opportunities. You may be able to enjoy rounds that are very cheap along with discounts not available to the general public.