10 Helpful Hints On How To Organize Your First Golf Trip

Have you decided to take your first golf trip this year? If you have, I envy you. I'm sure you’re full of excitement right now at the though of playing pristine courses in the sunshine and relaxing later at a resort. Here are 10 helpful tips on how to organize your first golf trip so that all goes smoothly as your putting stroke:

  1. Decide who is going. Is this going to be a guy's golfing holiday with a bunch of your friends? Are you planning on going with your partner? Taking the family? This will have a big influence on your choice of hotel/resort. A hotel that has facilities for children might not be the best place for your golfing buddies from the office, and vice versa.
  2. Once you have the people and the dates confirmed; what is everybody's budget? You might have a couple of friends who don't want to spend that much - maybe they are saving up for their first house or a wedding. On the other hand, you might have friends want to stay in a 5* resort. The place you choose needs to be within everybody's budget.
  3. Where do you want to go? Are you going to go golfing your own country? There are plenty of great links courses on the coasts of the UK. This can be the ideal golf holiday if your home course is parkland.
  4. If you decide to go abroad, do you want to stay in Europe or cross the Atlantic? Spain and Portugal are popular golfing destinations in Europe, and if you are thinking of the USA then Florida is an ideal destination due to the huge number of courses in the Orlando area.
  5. If you do decide on a golfing holiday in a country with a hot climate, make sure that the golf resort hosting you has golf carts to shield you from the hot sun. While we are on the subject, check that there is a water cooler on the back of the cart - you'll thank me for this tip.
  6. If you decide on an overseas golfing holiday, do some research on the weather for that time of year - many places have rainy seasons and hurricane seasons. You don't want to be stuck indoors for the whole week.
  7. Find courses that are suited to your handicap. If you play off a 27 handicap; you don't want to book 2 rounds a day for a week at a 7.500-yard championship course that plays host to the European tour. Of course, it is important to stretch yourself but not too much or you won't enjoy your rounds. And remember to not only consider your golfing ability, but also that of the other members of your party.
  8. What courses are you allowed to play? Keep in mind that many courses require you to have a handicap certificate or to be staying at the on-site hotel for you to be able to play.
  9. If you are staying at a hotel away from the golf course? If so, check the distances between your hotel to the course as this can mean the difference between missing your appointed tee time or making it with an hour to spare.
  10. Are you brining your own clubs or will you have to hire some? If you do travel with your clubs, remember the baggage fees at the airport can be quite high so you will need to budget accordingly. Secret tip: put a broom handle in your golf bag so that the shafts don't get snapped in transit.