Challenges You Should Be Ready To Face Related To Bunker Play

There are some uncomfortable positions in golf sometimes, which may put a player in difficult situations. Sand bunker shot is one such situation which can be very complicated for some golfers, but the others know the tricks to handle it well. A bunker shot sounds simple on paper but it does require some smart tips to be dealt with. Many golfers lose their composure when faced with this challenge. Let us go through some tips which can help you be at ease with the bunker shots.

Have right attitude

You need to have the right attitude to approach a bunker shot. The biggest mistake most golfers do is to take an incorrect stance. Many players take a wider stance than required. This happens because golfers have an edgy feeling in the sand. If you try to vigorously drill the ball, you may end up taking a fat shot at the place. When you are in the bunker next time, attempt to focus taking the ball on the green.

The position of your lower body

Just like other sports, it is important to have an accurate body position for success. Rather than opening your clubface and stance too wide, make an aim to the left side of your target. Open the face of the club just about 2-3 degrees. Your feet must stay in the sand at this situation for balance. Take a stance equal to the width of your shoulder and flex the knees. This position might feel a little awkward to you, but if you practice this stance, it will train your body for the bunker shot and make the whole process simpler.

Use the position of half back swing

If you have taken a good stance, it is time to take an appropriate swing. You need to look for some vacant area about 2-4 inches at the back of the ball. Position your hands squarely and take a partial back swing. You have to ensure in this partial swing that your shoulders should rotate. If you get a feeling similar to the pitch shot, you have got the swing right. Sand is the only difference in this situation.

Application of these tips during your bunker shot helps will help you lower your anxiety. Practice more and more with bunker shots to enhance your skills and you will conquer your fear in no time.