7 Little-Known Golf Drills To Help You Become a Better Player

In this article I will give you 7 secret golf drills that if you practice them on a regular basis, will make you a better player and lower your scores. Let's get cracking.

  1. This first drill will improve your turn in your golf swing. Here is what I want you to do: take a golf club in your hands and hold the shaft in both hands. Put your arms over your head and rest the club on the backs of your shoulders. From that position, turn behind the ball into your backswing and then turn through the ball. Keep the club on your shoulders the whole time.
  2. Next we will improve your putting. I want you to place a coin under the ball on the putting green. Now when you stroke the ball with your putter, keep your eyes looking at the coin after the ball has gone. Doing this drill ensures that you keep your head down and you will find your putting accuracy increases.
  3. Take a tee peg and place the sharp end in the little hole at the base of the handle of one of your wedges. Now, hit a few chip shots make sure that the tee peg is always ahead of your hands. Make sure that your hands are leading the clubhead. This drill will make sure that you hit the ball before the turf every time.
  4. This drill I want you to practice in your house without a golf club. Place your head on the door frame (in your golf stance) and cross your hands across your chest. Now, turn around into your backswing back through into a follow-through. This drill will make sure that you turn on a consistent spine angle. It will also keep your head super still.
  5. This next drill is also for indoors without a golf club. Place your behind against a wall and take your golf swing stance. Without a golf club, cross your hands over your chest and turn through the backswing and turn through the follow-through. Doing this drill will ensure that you are keeping your hips, legs and spine still.
  6. Now we go back to the short game. Take a wedge and set up as if you were going to hit a pitch shot. At the completion of your backswing, I want you to pause for a few seconds. The come back down and collect the ball smoothly. This will is to stop hitting the ball too hard - a mistake that will kill your short game.
  7. Improve your chipping: Set up over the ball with your wedge as if you were going to hit a chip shot. Now raise your right heel off the ground. This will place all of your weight on your front leg (your left). Chipping with your weight on your front leg will improve your strike and help you avoid hitting the ground behind the ball.