How To Organize Luxury Golf Holidays At A Reasonable Price

Love golfing? Planning your dream holiday in a fabulous golf destination such as Algarve? Then budget or cheap holidays just won’t do. Visiting Algarve to play golf on their world famous golf courses is special and to make it unforgettable you shouldn’t compromise on comfort.

Tourists don’t believe the words ‘cheap’ and ‘luxury’ can co-exist in a sentence on holiday. The word ‘cheap’ has been grossly misused. If you have a decent budget, then at a very reasonable price you can easily organize a luxury golf holiday. In this article, we’ll share with you ways in which you can organize a luxury holiday for less.

Focus on what you want

Holiday to Algarve is about two things – golf and accommodation, nothing else matters. The word luxury means different things to different people. For some it’s all about glamping, others need to stay at a 5-star resort to feel comfortable. At the end of the day what really matters is what you perceive as luxury. A comfortable room, warm staff, relaxing swimming pool, restaurant and bar, and easy access to golf course – if these constitute as a luxury to you then it’s very much possible to stay luxuriously at a reasonable price.

Take advantage of off-season affordable prices

Golf tourists spend a large portion of the budget on travel. After a long flight to the Algarve, not much is left for you to spend on accommodation and most importantly on golf and other leisure activities. To save on air tickets, look for the end of the season discounts. Algarve is busiest from March to May and from mid-August to mid-November. The period between is considered as off-season, which means the flights are less crowded and the airlines are willing to offer affordable rates. The same off-season logic also applies to accommodation as well. During these months the weather conditions might not be ideal, but it’s still good enough to enjoy golf and the prices of accommodation and green fees also go down.

Focus on quality and not on quantity

Golf resorts with their own golf courses make available, affordable golf holiday packages and deals through tour operators. Even if you don’t find any luxury package to your liking, you can very well make your stay memorable by having a shorter trip. You can get a lot out of a five-day trip if your initial budget was for a seven-day golf holiday in Algarve. What we’re suggesting is that you focus on the quality of the golf holiday, instead of the quantity.